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28 Jun 2015 19:20:49
Hi Edd

Any truth in the imbula rumour I have watched snippets of him and he looks awesome and according to french press he wants to play for southampton, I have been a great admirer of spider and he deserves his move but this guy looks the real deal and possibly a better option than morgan

your thoughts please


{Ed002's Note - There is a representative of Marseille in England right now dealing with clubs interested in a couple of their players. I would need to check details with her but she has been at Goodwood over the weekend and will likely be in no fit state to talk right now. Perhaps an update by tomorrow evening.}




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19 Aug 2017 10:08:35

I posted on here after the chineese chap took control of the Saints that it didn't take long for him to start orchestrating for the sale of VVD according to yahoo sports, we then had Mr K repeating his and the clubs stance that VVD will not be sold this Summer window, it looks like this statment didn't go down to well with the new owner as it now seems he has said again according to the times and many football and sports reporters to have said that no funds will be given to the Saints boss to spend this transfer window if Saints want to buy any more players they have to sell first, in my opinion that statment speaks volumes of how he intends to fund any transfers in the future it dosen't give me much hope that the club are going to get an input of money to get this club to the next level. what do you think?


1.) 19 Aug 2017 11:05:20
it's ill researched, they couldn't even get where the manager was from correct

and all it states is there'll be no MORE funds not that the club has no money at all, which isn't surprising considering the FFP wage and transfer fund rules.

2.) 19 Aug 2017 11:18:55
Lander sports own West Bromwich Albion, Aston Villa, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Birmingham City. All in the championship except West Bromwich none of setting the world alight.

{Ed001's Note - they own none of those teams.}

3.) 19 Aug 2017 13:28:35
Why would KL sell a major share in the club to someone with no money to inject? Wasn't the whole point of this to take the club to the next level? Selling to buy is a load of crap in my opinion.

4.) 19 Aug 2017 19:43:45
I don't think the plan is for him to just throw money at the club from day one. The infrastructure is there for us to grow naturally.



23 Jan 2016 12:12:51
I have been saying for some time that Ronald Kooman is a unhappy manager, and If the report in the Mirror is factual Ronald Kooman should be sacked with immediate effect, you can't have a manager who demands 100% commitment from his players and openly criticizes them when they throw their dummies out of the pram having had their heads turned by so called bigger clubs, then tout for a job with another club openly on the radio and expect to keep the support of the dressing room . I genuinely hope that its not true but with RK body language and his comments regarding the clubs transfer policy and the standard of the academy players I just don't know.


1.) 23 Jan 2016 18:19:09
You have been spouting a load of bile for a long time.

When has any report in the Mirror been correct, about Saints?

How are the academy teams doing this season? So, is RoKo wrong?

I would recommend Gaviscon,

2.) 23 Jan 2016 19:42:36
Koeman was joking, it was only the tabloids making a big deal out of it. It looks more likley that he would move in the summer. I doubt that he will move away in 2016 though.

3.) 24 Jan 2016 13:24:57
IN reply to Saint Martin

I would only say that if he had taken the time to read the post He would have noticed that I quantified my post with the beginning if the report is factual,

If Saint Martin believes that RK was a happy manager, through the December with his comments about the progression of the academy players, the team performances, also the players attitude to the clubs transfer policy, the downward spiral in their league position, he must be seriously deluded.

I don't confess to be a expert in body language but you didn't need to be to see he was having serious doubts about the clubs ambition especially as he was thinking about a new contract negotiations in the summer.

4.) 24 Jan 2016 15:32:17
Why do you think it OK that RoKo has to waste his time telling the media such reports are "b****t"? Has he not got better things to do than explain to those who are totally gullible?

I would be surprised if he was NOT worried about the current "crop" at the academy, the recent performance of the first team and the attitude of certain players over the last few weeks. We have a manager who takes time and care to be open with supporters and the media-a rarity these days. Give the guy a break and believe what he says rather than what the media want him to say to sell a few more papers.

And why say "he was thinking about new contract negotiations in the summer". You are simply speculating. He knows when contract negotiations are due to take place, his own and some of his players. I doubt he will be spending too much energy considering his own so far in advance. A lot can change in 4-6 months, and during that time he has stated he wants to achieve Europa Cup qualification again. I think that is what he will be thinking about, and depending on how that goes then the summer could be adjusted accordingly.



28 Aug 2015 15:13:14
Hi Guys

I managed to watch the europa match in the local pub last night, to be honest we all know it was absolutely dreadful. Usually I try to take some plus points from a defeat but I couldn't find one, In my opinion FC Midtjylland are not a good side and on a par with our championship division, unfortunately we made them look better than they are, we were a very poor team playing with the wrong tactics.

No desire, no commitment, matched with no idea how to break down the opposition, apart from hoof the ball up field as soon as possible and hope Pelle
gets on the end of it, but again the attack was none existant we haven't scored a goal in open play since the game against Newcastle, good teams find a way to break down defences and score but all RK could do was blame the ref for not spotting a handball okay they got away with one, it happens in most games but that's not why we lost.
Southampton FC are not as good as they think they are, I wrote a couple of weeks ago Les Reed has sold the marquee players and apart from a couple of players, bought mainly squad players we got a bigger squad but not a lot of quality. To be totally honest I can't see them getting much better unless RK spends some big money on marquee players we all know we need a CB were also desperate for a quality schemer someone who can be the link from defence to attack, Let's hope RK can work some magic and get this team performing


1.) 28 Aug 2015 19:37:35
Clasie will tie defence and attack.

2.) 28 Aug 2015 20:47:07
Clasie plays in the control position at the base of the midfield and has done his entire career.

If Saints have signed him with the intention of using him in a more advanced role that he's never played before, that'd be a heck of a punt. He's not a creative midfielder in the slightest.

Let's hope it turns out a lot more successful than trying to turn Shane Long into a winger. Or a footballer.



09 Jul 2015 13:19:01
Hi ed

Any idea how long KL will be around any talk on her selling the club, as at least eight first team players sold in the last 18 months totalling around the £140 million mark could be construed as assett stripping just a thought



{Ed002's Note - It is not asset stripping.}

1.) 09 Jul 2015 14:42:34
Absolutely ridiculous suggestion. If we hadn't lost out on Toby I doubt you'd even be posting your doom and gloom here.



08 Jul 2015 11:43:55
Hi Guys
This is my opinion.

Saints with egg on their face again, Toby and Totenham have taken Saints for a ride, I can't believe Les Reed and Rk fell for the old chestnut I want to play for Southampton Fc next season, and then signing for Spurs.
They must have known from the begining that TA was going to go to Spurs, otherwise he would have just told the media and spurs he was going to sign for Saints. its not rocket science.

All this rubbish that AM didn't pay back the £1.5 million in time, just someone trying to save face,

Les Reed needs to hold his hands up and say I have been taken for a ride by mr Alderweireld, or admit it was incompetence on my part, or naviety at best.

I can only asume you will now go and spend the same £14.2 million we are lead to believe Saints bid on another first class CB although I rather doubt it.

I have lived in Southampton and supported Saints all my life, I am amazed how you have let 8 first team players transfer out of Southampton, and join our premiership opposition over the last two seasons,
in case you need reminding Ricky Lambert, Adam LaLana, Dejan Loveren, Luke Shaw, Nathaniel Clyne,
Jack Cork, Spider, and Toby Alderweireld.You haven't seem to grasp that while you keep letting the players go to bigger clubs, the more there will be asking to leave, and the more the bigger clubs will be tapping our players up as they perceive Saints either don't care, or their a soft touch, I expect there will be another Three or four in January, Fans might not have liked him much but this conveyor belt of transfers, would never have happened under NK reign. it all smells a bit fishy to me.


1.) 08 Jul 2015 12:37:33
Agree as above, shocking by les reed, toby shouldve been done in january, we we will now panic buy and pay over the odds as we will battle for same players as everton/villa/west ham and stoke, very peed off

2.) 08 Jul 2015 13:13:57
Totally agree with the majority of that!

Was told earlier today that

A) saints only outbid Spurs once the deal was more or less done
B) had saints offered 11 million and waivered the 1.5 million in either Jan or at season end on a pre contract agreement he would have been our man but saints tried to be clever. Could have been a master stroke but no.

however I did also hear that saints are trying to negotiate with AM 2m and a loan of the RB that has just had the loan agreement cancelled with liverhampton

3.) 08 Jul 2015 13:20:48
Dear disillusioned. That's life. Some individuals want to join bigger clubs and recieve better pay. Just like some 'ordinay' people (like you?) change jobs. Surely this is no surprise? However where are they all now? And how well did we do this last season? Wise up! (Nice PWEI reference there. ) In a world where people want to be associated with success, because that reflects well on them (or they thnk it does). Toby left co he want to live in London - the happening place! COYRs!

4.) 08 Jul 2015 15:02:37
Fair opinion Disillusioned, but Toby was never our player. Every team in the league has players which transfer to other teams in the league, it's a common practice, even amongst the big clubs.




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04 Jan 2018 17:08:53
I agree with saint chris, it seems quite obvious to me the saints team are not playing for, or supporting their manager. Those who watched the CP game must agree that as soon as saints scored they took there foot of the pedal, it was like the team had all realised they had cocked up and they shouldn't have scored, because saints stopped playing and allowed CP back into the game, the whole game disintergrated into a farce saints were giving the ball away continually. I don't know if you saw this but about 5 mins before half time saints somehow managed to get onto the ball and bertram was running up the wing no defewnders in front of him when he suddenly stopped turned around and passed the ball back to stephans the crowd started shouting and giving him a hard time when he smiled and pointed to his watch or wrist indicating he was playing for time I mean wtf is that all about it was not as though there was about a couple of seconds to go or there was no one to pass the ball forward to, I mean playing for time you got to be kidding me





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02 Sep 2017 09:36:40
Hi Folks

First of all this is just my opinion, as I have no idea what the sky tv money is now or what monies the club get for there finishing position in the premier league. I have been a season ticket holder for many seasons. I don't understand what this board is trying to achieve as it is obvious to me and probably many saints supporters that this club are in desperate need of a schemer/ goal scorer, yes we have Boufal who needs to beat his opponent 2/ 3 times before he actually lays the ball off or is dispossesed, Redmond who works hard but with usually no end result.
Then there is Tadic who for reasons beyond me the loyal rauncus crowd behind the goal sing his name every time he touches the ball When are the board going to buy someone who actually produces an end result, why keep buying defensive midfielders or work horses. Anyway i'm glad they didn't let the scoucers get VVD.




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14 Aug 2017 18:53:41
Hi guys
Regarding the Takeover it didn't take long for the language to change regarding VVD I know its only roumers but according to Yahoo sports Southampto tell Chelsea and Man City they will have to break the world record for VVD if they want to buy him it was only a week ago VVD is not for sale this summer for any price. Is this a clue to what the future holds for southampton?





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08 Aug 2017 19:04:54
Hi Guys

A bit of a rant, personally sell VVD to anyone but Liverpool, if its chelsea only sell if they can get Andreas Christensen and if they can't get him put a £15/ 20 mill for Mamadou Sakho Klopp don't like him but he is one of the best center halfs left out there





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28 Jul 2017 12:23:31
Hi Guys

Its the same old story no one will be sold this summer or at least till the last week of the transfer month, then the board can say its to late to buy anyone better than we got now. KL can then fill her purse up again, that's when she will sell the club to the Lander sports group and push of with another £200 plus million, Where has all the sponsership money gone, where has all the sky TV money gone where has the money gone for our 8th place finish in the Prem div. OH I forgot to say KL probably got a massive purse.






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07 Jan 2018 14:28:44
Hi Guys It has been quite obvious to all that go to st marys this season, that this side is not giving 100% to the manager, if you read my previous messages its there for all to read. Whether you accept it or not the VVD affair has completely upset the team bond, I also wrote that I expect RB to move to Man city sooner or later at the moment he has no desire to be playing for Southampton If I had any faith in this board that they would put all the money back into the squad I would have told them to get rid of VD at the beginning of the season maybe things might have been different if not sell Tadic, Redmond, boufal, ans anyone else who is seen to be not putting in 100% then reinvest and buy players that want to be here I no its hard to accept it but the truth always is.





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01 Jan 2018 15:20:58
Sorry diggy5471

Most saints fans saw this comming three seasons ago, KL was no good as a football club chairwoman, but as an asset stripper she was brilliant, assess the squad sell the best for loads of cash, replace with inferrior cheaper players and bring through the accadamy youngsters, sell anyone that we bought the previous season that come good for loads more cash when their's no one left sell the club JOB DONE.





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27 Dec 2017 10:03:46
Hi Guys sorry to say it but I have been bleating on for weeks now you can't play redmond, boufal, in the same side there both lazy, don't chase back can't tackle, they both don't see other players running into space and niether has any end result. Bung in ward prowse, tadic and probably davies who has been unfortunate to be playing with this bunch of players, who have no desire, no commitment, no vision, and a manager who is clearly way out of his depth, who after 5 months still don't know who is best team is, and a goalie who has lost his confidence, its clear to see that if something drastic dosen't happen in January with transfers and a top class manager we are in deep mire then again we have been saying for the last 4 years you can't keep selling your best players and replacing with inferior players annd not expect to get your bum kicked so I say shame on you Les Read and the rest of the board to bringing Saints down to this load of rubbish





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15 Dec 2017 17:44:15
Hi Guys, I know everyone is entitled to their opinion,
But i'm sorry Figgo, I have been racking my brains out trying to find the matches you think saints played a good gam, e I mean apart from the Everton match saints have been under performing all of this season so far, we have fallen so far down from the football we were playing under M Pochitino we look like a different club. I know we have sold a lot of quality players but we have also purchased players, the difference is apart from VVD most have been inferrior to what we sold. The team we are watching at the moment is far to slow in getting the ball forward theirs no pace, no desire, no urgency, there is no one able to open up defences Tadic and Boufal are just not good enough in fact I don't know what their role is, I don't know if that is the teams fault or the way the manager wants them to play. But if things don't change ie the system or the personel, we will be looking over our shoulders for the rest of the season our only saving grace seems to be that at the moment there are a few teams below us which appear to be worse than us. this MP is cluless, he has no tactical knowledge, is not sure who is best team is, takes far to long to make substitutions, and i'm sorry to say this Les Reed, this is your appointment so you better start looking in your little black book for some one who knows a bit about footbal and get shot of this clown.




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14 Dec 2017 19:14:54
Hi I have been a saints season ticket holder for longer than I can remember, I done something I have never done before I walked out of st marys after 38 mins I was so apalled at watch I was watching. But this team was absolutly disgracful
no pressing no pace in the game I have been saying for many months on this site you can't play Tadic, Boufal, in the same team we can't aford to carry them both they both take to long getting the ball forward Tadic is to frightend to shoot unless its an open goal and boufal has to beat the same player 3/ 4 times by then he has 2/ 3 players closing him down.
we are used to balls down the wings and crosses coming in for the C/ F to have a go at not this pedestrian rubbish were watching now. they were shooting on site last night and they still carried on with the same crap This manager is clueless he dosent know what his strongest team is he rotates far to much he is tactilly niave his substitutions are baffeling he has no idea what he is doing the quicker he is sacked the better but on saying that the way this team is playing it might not matter who the manager is the results won't change unless the system and personel changes