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Review Of The Day 23rd October 2021

23 Oct 2021 07:39:15
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Ed1 on Youtube Live Now

22 Oct 2021 19:50:18
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Team Review - Brighton & Hove Albion

22 Oct 2021 07:39:07
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Review Of The Day 21st October 2021

21 Oct 2021 07:39:09
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Review Of The Day 19th October 2021

20 Oct 2021 07:39:10
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Review Of The Day 19th October 2021

19 Oct 2021 07:39:07
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18 Oct 2021 11:20:52
A good win and good performance on Saturday. It was against a depleted Leeds side who struggled to get going and were sloppy on the ball, but we kept the energy levels and desire high for the 90 mins and it paid off.

I watched a talk given by Ralf Rangnick on Friday, discussing his views on team building and formations. He emphasised that you should adapting the formation to play your best players in their best positions. Having the right players on the pitch to play at their highest level was the target and the formation would be dictated by that.

Its perhaps a simplistic generalisation, but is a sound starting point, before factoring in all the little nuances that determine not only who your best 11 are but the positions they are suited to play. For example, Ralf was not saying that if you have 5 top strikers, you should play a 3-2-5 to accommodate them all. There has to be balance in the side. But it certainly got me thinking again about our formation and the starters each week. I was hoping, in JWP's absence and with this being a run of winnable games, it would be time to take some risks.

The starting line-up was a very positive one. Still a 4-2-2-2 on paper, but Perraud returning, Broja and Redmond as forwards, Moi back on the right and Djnepo reviving his partnership with Perraud on the left. The key change was Diallo in the middle. RH knows Diallo is a more progressive midfielder than JWP so knew this change would likely tilt the team towards attack. He could have hidden behind a more defensive move of playing one of our centre backs as a holding midfielder.

That we were playing on the front foot was not such a surprise then. But the manner and attitude of some of the players was a marked change that did make me sit up and take note. Romeu for one was no longer the reserved midfielder who just sat. He was back to his buccaneering box to box best, with Diallo doing likewise. Often you would see either midfielder linking up with our forward players within 25-30 yards from the Leeds goal, before helping to snuff out any counter.

I think to say this was because JWP was absent is perhaps harsh on him. I think both the tactics and personnel were both more progressive then in recent weeks. JWP can certainly play the role that Romeu and Diallo did on Saturday, as he has in previous seasons. I just think that in light of the problems with conceding that we had last season, RH has worked with the team to play a little more conservatively and try to control the game more. This has seen Romeu and JWP sitting a little deeper to protect the back 2 when our fullbacks attack, but leaves our midfield link up play disjointed. Romeu appeared to really enjoy having the shackles off and relished his role as Captain.

Mo Salisu is looking really impressive and assured, which helps Bednarek no end. Perraud needs a run of games to sharpen and firm up his relationship with our forwards. Tino continues to do well. Diallo was very impressive at both ends, Moi looks confident again after his international goals and Djnepo too was more controlled in his play than I have seen in a while. Redders also played very well both as a willing runner and a link up man. Broja was, undoubtedly, another player who made a huge difference. He has all the attributes of a top forward. He's fast and strong, hard working, tall and with aerial presence but also has good feet. Its hard to see him losing his place if he can continue to play at that level consistently.

The cherry on the cake was the belated return of Stuart Armstrong. He looked rusty but he certainly strengthens our options when he's fit.

The performance wasn't perfect, but it was good enough to renew hope that over the coming games, we can continue to pick up points against the teams who are likely to be in the lower half of the table. However, to do so we must continue to play on the front foot as you must when you play an aggressive high press, with the best players playing in their best positions.

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22 Oct 2021 00:20:21
Hi Elfigo
I did read your post while on holiday in Turkey, but I admit relaxing with a cold Efes and beautiful weather won the day. sorry!
So now I’m back I thought I’d reply.
I didn’t see the game but have read various reports about it. I am intrigued and excited at the way the team played, especially how certain individuals, usually heavily criticised by me, seemed to up their games.
A friend at the game said the same as you, Romeu was like a tiger unleashed?
Redmond was a bit shoot first still, BUT was much more productive with the ball.
So why?
The first PL game in what seems an eternity without JWP and we are much more free flowing!
Having watched JWP for England, he was a different player? Only looking to play positive!

So i don’t get it? With JWP we are slow, predictable and without, a fast flowing, positive team!

I also loved to see the CB’s looking to play more positive balls; so often ‘choked’ by JWP sat on their shoulders, and calling for the ball …

And Redmond? Where did his new found passion come
From? He has been awful and greedy?

But I will ‘spoil the party’ . in Ralph’s interview post Leeds game, he admitted ‘I was not sure what to do or what team to pick … I tried to pick guys with the self confidence that scored during the international break’ …

A strange and worrying statement .

Anyway, never posted with so many.

18 Oct 2021 10:21:31
Great to see saints playing with an old style centre forward first time since the days of Pelle, also good to get a clean sheet, let's hope that we can get another win against Burnley this weekend . I think that this group of players is easily good enough for a mid table finish and with the right draw a decent cup run, we now seem to have options that enable us to field a decent team in all competitions.

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Review Of The Day 18th October 2021

18 Oct 2021 07:39:08
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Watford v Liverpool - A Liverpool Perspective

17 Oct 2021 07:39:25
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