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21 Feb 2024 18:21:43
I would love to see Tyler Dibbs get a run in the teams, more importantly I would love Adam Armstrong NOT to be in the team and Tyler or anyone or no one else o take his place. He's scored some goals for us this season Armstrong sure but if you look into it they've mostly been from winning positions, goals that haven't really meant much to the overall outcome of the game. What I mean by that is he isn't someone who could be relied on. We were 2-0 against hull and I never had any hope of changing that until Che came on. I'm not saying I believed Che would score but he's has a far more overall presence and variety to his game then Armstrong. Should we happen to get promoted he's only going to get worse as we all saw his performance in the premiership and this new stint in the championship hasn't exactly shown him for the start striker he's supposed to be. Give Tyler a chance, he can't be any worse but at best he goes on to be immense and he's home grown.

Also a side note on goalkeepers. Maybe it's because I've been watching saints for too much recently but when was the last time anyone saw a goalkeeper to a successful run of saves?! By that I mean, a shot comes at the goalkeeper, he dives and saves it it one or two hands and pushes it behind for a corner or out of danger. These days all I see is our keepers acting like their defenders, running around with ball at their feet and when they do actually make a diving save they push it right it front of players .it'sike attacking players know this more these days and await for the ball to be pushed to them.Think somethings gone wrong with goalkeeper coaching because they don't do the basics anymore. Dive, save goalkeeping 101 .pep rush keeper are awesome but that should be second to dive and save. If I was on a million pounds contract you could be your ass I'd have the skills to dive and save a ball. 😭

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20 Feb 2024 23:28:47
While we all cringed and winced at Russell Martin's tactic of playing out from the back,
It all seem to be going so well with our run of games.
Well, all it took was one decent manager to think, we are not going to sit back and watch this pretty football, messing around with it at the back, we're going to go for them.
And then Hull tonight, a classy football team, moving the ball round superbly.
But best of all, they weren't putting up with our absolute nonsense of playing out from the back at every opportunity!
So Mr Martin, your tactic has been found out.
So what's next on offer from you?

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21 Feb 2024 05:43:17
Unfortunately this is not unexpected.Russell Martin has been usurped by another impressive young Manager’s tactics yet again.There are probably 4/5 Championship Managers capable of holding their own in the Premier League but Martin is not one of of them.He’s done Ok but in my opinion lacks the skill to advance much further.Hull City with only one recogniseable name (Carvallo) but a well drilled outfit under astute young Manager Liam Rosenior.I would be delighted to be proved wrong it’s likely our chances of automatic promotion have just been scuppered and through Play Offs quite unlikely on this showing.A Home win next Saturday won’t encourage any flags to be raised just yet!

{Ed001's Note - did Morton not play for Hull? He is also there on loan from Liverpool and is a very good young midfielder.}

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21 Feb 2024 08:27:09
Yes EDS Morton is a good player and did emerge from their bench but my point was were these two players plus their team mates expected to trump the plethora of full and young internationals at Saints disposal (probably as many as all other Championship sides combined) tells a story!

{Ed001's Note - sorry mate I was just wondering as I don't get to see a lot of him out on loan.}

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21 Feb 2024 10:05:58
Morton was superb.
It was a clever, fluid, dynamic manger manager versus Martin
While our run was very impressive, we did have an amazing run of playing lower teams.
I honestly think that teams had started to give us too much respect, allowing us space and time to play the slow and very predictable way.
WBA was a perfect example. they just sat back and watched us play around with the ball, moving it freely, back to the goalkeeper, across the box passes!

Hill we’re having none of it. by stopping us play, we were lost. We still had higher possession first half but I think Hulk had 10 shots versus our 2. because the possession was as usual in our half.

The time that Martin has to earn his money,
Now we’ve lost twice in three games, no team will show us that respect. I honestly think teams had them mentality that they weren’t going to beat us.
Allowing us to control the game.
Those days have gone!
What I can’t believe is that he didn’t change anything in the first half when we were clearly totally being outplayed.
Even more bizarre to be playing, the same possession, football with minutes to go and losing!

{Ed001's Note - thank you for that.

I never understand managers that can't even adjust for a final flurry with minutes left in a match. It shows a lack of flexibility that is beyond being merely stubborn. You have to react to circumstances.}

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21 Feb 2024 22:41:15
Call me old fashioned, but it might help if he picks our strongest team from the start.

Just saying

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22 Feb 2024 12:14:12
Millertime .
Stop posting silly comments .
pick our best team?
Have you been drinking?
Next you’ll be asking why he keeps picking AA, why he ever picks stephens and why he changes a winning and settled team!
On the subject of AA .
Absolutely back to the greedy old self, shooting at every opportunity, never passing to a team mate in a much better position .

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22 Feb 2024 21:06:51
Haha South Hants Rich, personally I think AA is invaluable (I’m talking about Alcoholics Anonymous obviously) although drink is the only remedy to get us through this, I’m sure.

Seriously though AA doesn’t have a sharp footballing brain even though he does occasionally find himself in the right place at the right time. He is thoughtless rather than selfish because most of the great strikers are the latter, but if you are able to combine awareness of team mates around you who are in a better scoring position then you become a top striker.

And that is what we lack presently, we never did replace Danny Ings.

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20 Feb 2024 21:57:13
So bad we didn't deserve no points.

Baz is playing like a buffoon in goal - hospital balls out to players in the 18 yard box.

No player more than 4/10. Again and again, the team that ends the game is far stronger than the starting XI.

And please God, please - we don't want to hear from RM that he is proud of his players and they have courage blah blah blah. They didn't have courage, he shouldn't be proud.

They were awful - plain and simple.

Hull deserved the points and like I said a couple of weeks back - we've been found out.

God only knows how we pulled that run together.

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20 Feb 2024 20:36:54
we seem to be inexorably heading for the playoffs.

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20 Feb 2024 20:06:28
The cracks are beginning to show .

I believed and said that Feb/March would be the real test to see if we were likely of promotion.

I don't think we have it in us to do what we think we can do against teams that are of a higher quality, especially away from home (at even at home now)

Time will tell though. Even if RM gets us promoted somehow I'm not sure he's up for the job as premiership manager, hopefully I'm proven wrong about all this though.

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20 Feb 2024 20:51:54
Make you right Lesleee, and our performance tonight is just shocking.

And as for the team selection - bewildering.

But we knew in our hearts ….

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20 Feb 2024 22:53:57
Ed’s . I turn to you for advice again .
we are playing a very good footballing side, why wouldn’t RM pick his best side?
Please help me understand!
To not play Fraser is just inexcusable . Brookes dropped, who is another excellent footballer!
We were outplayed and outclassed by some excelllent football, meanwhile our best team is sitting on the bench!
Whoever it was that posted about January February being the true test, you were spot on.
RM is being found out . but I’m sure he’ll say we should’ve won

{Ed001's Note - the only possible excuse I can think of is that the sports scientists told him certain players were in the "red zone". He might have been resting them. Other than that, it can only be that he disagrees with you and thinks he picked his best side.}

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17 Feb 2024 21:20:08
It will be fascinating to see RM's team selection on Tuesday night.

A number of selection headaches but hopefully he will realise that Stephens ain't no left back and Charles isn't up for a midfield berth (yet).

With Downes probably out, I would look to be more attacking minded - be good to see Brookes start (2 assists and 1 goal) and with Frazer on the other wing we would ask questions.

But who knows?!

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16 Feb 2024 21:29:58
Playing stephens at left back . why?
Playing Charles?
Keeps Mara on and takes Fraser off?
Mara not in the game .
We are way too slow in possession .
We take 1 or 2 too many touches around our box .
Aribo on? Instead of the new guys from
Multiple tactical mistakes tonight .

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16 Feb 2024 22:45:00
Small margins - the decision not to award a penalty against Stephens was a great help but Baz’s save was a game turner. That was a worldy!

Again, the finishing eleven was stronger than the starting line up. Charles was rubbish and should not start in front of players like Brooks and Aribo.

We got the 3 points and we must celebrate that because I honestly thought the best we could hope for was a draw.

Sending Plymouth positive vibes!

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17 Feb 2024 10:42:57
Forgot to say that I agreed with the pundit who said referring to the two near calamities when Baz miscontrolled playing out from the back that there’s a fine line between brilliance and idiocy.

Couldn’t have put it better myself - the amount of times my heart’s in my mouth with those suicidal back passes when all that’s required is a good old fashion hoof upfield.

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14 Feb 2024 00:45:32
The last games, I think it's too much to say we've been 'found out' . but it has been great to see opponents take the game to us.
They ran at us, they ran between the lines, they moved the ball around rapidly.
All it took to overthrow our possession style football from the back, was for a team to go for it! And to be honest we weren't in the game at all, despite RM, saying that he thought we would win the game?
I don't think he started with the correct lineup, we are a much much better team with Fraser in the starting lineup .
Charles I'm not a fan off .
We attempted to play our very laboured football at the back, but total respect to Bristol, who decided they would control the game and not us!
Bristol deserve the win, 100%, we didn't even deserve a draw!
RM needs to learn very quickly what to do against teams that come at us, especially at Speed.
If you're going to lose your winning streak, at least go down fighting

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14 Feb 2024 12:07:35
Good post South Hants Rich, but I do think we are very vulnerable if teams take the game to us.

We probably missed Downes last night. He’s the kind of player whose true value is not fully appreciated until he’s absent. I agree, Charles is not good enough but appears to be an RM favourite.

We lost our mojo last night and that’s not a switch you can easily turn back on. We go into Friday’s match as underdogs IMO. They will most certainly be up for it and it’s not a great hunting ground for us. They are good for the play offs so they will be going all out for the win.

Now the bubble’s burst it will be the biggest test of how far we’ve come. Last night’s game was just that - one match, but it was the lack lustre manner of the defeat (similar to first half against Huddersfield) which is the bigger concern.

RM said last night he would watch back the match several times to try and understand our performance. I strongly recommend he has his players sat next to him.

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16 Feb 2024 10:07:58
You are both correct, teams have sussed out how to play against the RM system. We will find out if he is a top coach by how he tweets the team and system. Downes makes all the difference, a top player of premier league quality imo.

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16 Feb 2024 14:50:10
2408 :
Spot on.
If we truly can’t fully function without Downes, then we need to beef up the midfield until he’s back.
We definitely should stick to our attacking lineup, which definitely should include Fraser.
but we need to give much more cover to the back line .
tonight will be interesting. They’ve seen us concede six goals to teams that have gone for us.
I’m expecting the same ….

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16 Feb 2024 19:46:06
Not my team of choice with the inclusion of Che Charles and Stephens. Neither offer much other than uncertainty and wasteful in possession.

Hope I’m wrong


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16 Feb 2024 22:26:18
I was really disappointed and surprised at the team selection and substitutions tonight.
Firstly Fraser is an absolute class act, the way he strokes the ball in is pure class.
So .
Taking Fraser off and leaving Mara on?
Bringing on Aribo before rothwell and brooks?
Playing stephens left back?
Playing Charles?
Delaying the introduction of rothwell, especially after his superb performance .

Yes we won, but at no point did I feel we would win .
Our messing around at the back is bordering on criminal. I was coached at a very early age to get the ball out of the box!
Even worse, having worked it out of the box, our forward play is soooo slow!
Why? Why are we risking this? to take the Russell Martin possession box?

To me, we resulted back to that period when we were winning games by one goal. just!
Yes, we won… but very unconvincingly.
There was a period in the first half when we played super football, we controlled the game, but we just didn’t score that second goal….

If we try and play that possession, football in the Premier League, we will get hammered

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13 Feb 2024 22:32:10
Truthfully, we knew this was gong to happen sooner or later.

We got out of trouble against Huddersfield but how much did that take out of their bodies and heads?

No player got more than a 5 out of 10 in my book and we didn't have the energy or desire on the night to compete with a team who were first to every ball.

It's been passed off as a bump in the road - but actually it's more than that. We have IMO very little chance of turning things around at West Brom because they will want it more. We will be licking our wounds while they will be focussed on a play off spot.

We will stumble over the next few matches but we will come good again. It will go to the wire and maybe the script has already been written with the Leeds match on the last day of the season.

On reflection, we got what we deserved tonight - nothing - but the staff and players will reflect too and accept that they weren't at the races.

It's a shame but it just could be the best thing that ever happened if we are to achieve the dream.

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10 Feb 2024 14:14:34
Love the fact that I've just seen the starting 11 for today, then looked at the subs bench, and bar the defense thought it wouldn't have bothered me if any of them were starting. Real squad depth for the big push. COYS

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10 Feb 2024 20:46:00
And it was the depth of the squad that turned the game on its head, Saint Kenny.

We were deservedly behind at the break - a throw back to our pedestrian and purposeless football of 30 games ago.

Then the second half and like most of St Mary’s I was mesmerised by the transformation. And it was the subs that done it!

There’s a lot to digest from this match - some of the worst and best crammed into one of the games of the season.

On my journey home I was mulling over whether Aribo would get back into team when he returns from AfCON. You see, unlike most fans I’m not sure he is effective at this level and I certainly don’t see him as a shoe-in. Technically his first touch isn’t great and I’m not sure he sees a pass quick enough. Maybe it’s me, but another selection conundrum for RM.

Great to see Sulemana back and going back to Saint Kenny’s point, to bring him and Odozie on from the bench is any Championship manager’s dream.

Time for a celebratory cold beer (or two) after another 200 + mile round trip!

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11 Feb 2024 11:03:28
It was an another good learning curve for Saints coaching staff when Huddersfield took the game to us. They were aggressive, ran at our back four with a very high work rate which is the first time any team has taken that approach against us. Since October. That would not have happened if Downes had stayed on the pitch as he wins so many challenges in front of the back 4, he also makes professional fouls which stops players running at our centre backs. Bringing on 60+ million quid worth of subs does help! The players could have capitulated but credit to them they hung in and ground out an impressive win. For me the biggest improvement is that every game recently we have looked capable of scoring at least 3 goals, except Watford cup match, that should get us promoted either automatically or in the play offs.

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11 Feb 2024 12:16:19
You’re right 2408 and also different types of goals from different players.

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11 Feb 2024 22:34:50
For so many seasons, we’ve had weak player (s) in the team. The starting line ups were suspect, the best players not on the pitch .
and those days have gone!
It is an absolute pleasure to see quality all over the pitch, with the bench looking incredible!
Youngsters like Mara and Edozie, playing for fun .
Smiles all over the pitch .
Everyone attacking, and everyone wanting to score.

What an absolute pleasure to watch

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04 Feb 2024 00:00:17
What a day - as a birthday treat my wife treated me to hospitality at Rotherham and TBH my expectations weren't high. I was wrong. Most importantly Saints won and played reasonably well over the 90 mins.

My abiding memory will be sitting next to ex Saint Gerry Forrest in the lounge and regaling in the teams he played in (1985-1990).

He was the main VIP having begun his career at Rotherham and returning after his 5 years at Saints. A true gentleman.

And a word for the generosity of the Rotherham fans who were magnanimous in defeat saying we were by far the best team that had played at their (small but beautifully designed) stadium.

Great day, great result (thanks to Preston for the cherry on the top) and how amazing was our support - the whole end of the stadium.

I was in a padded seat overlooking the halfway line but boy did I miss being amongst the Saints fans. Every time I get used to singing 21, 21 undefeated, they change the words a week later!

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04 Feb 2024 06:55:48
Happy Birthday Millertime!

A win and Saints moving up into the automatic promotion places must have been a nice birthday treat.

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04 Feb 2024 10:11:47
Thank you SaintThatAKickInTheHead!

Yes - a perfect day!

Now for Watford - the games are coming thick and fast but I feel we have a squad with depth and choices to stand the test.

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02 Feb 2024 09:02:54
Poor window for us we needed a LB and ST and brought in a CM and RW. We did keep KWP tho.

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02 Feb 2024 10:08:16
We were on our limit for loan players in matchday squad and because Holgate and his representatives delayed signing for Sheffield Utd, wedidn’t have time for another loan. I think the board have learnt a financially painful lesson about panic signings, but for Lavia, Jwp and Livramento the club would be in financial 💩. Loans make sense, take Downes for instance. We would have to pay 12 million for him plus 50,000 a week salary ( match his existing contract) that is 25 million over 5 year contract, we paid million loan fee and 30k of his wages equaling 2.5 million, a saving of 2.5 million a season. I know sometimes you can turn a profit on transfers but those days are becoming increasingly difficult unless you buy young players and blood them straight away, we can’t jeopardise possible promotion by changing the current squad in making risky signings. The club also has to balance the books, it owes a lot of money to many clubs for signings made in the last 4 years.

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02 Feb 2024 10:20:05
Agree. If THB or Jan or KWP get injured fir any length of time we are light and it weakens us.

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06 Feb 2024 13:52:58
As if by magic Nico Lawrence is back and promoted to the first team. They do listen. COYR

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31 Jan 2024 23:01:26
Most disappointed to see Charley Alcarez go out on loan, in my opinion one of the best young talents we have had at the club for a very long time, let's hope that this does not affect our season and that the Management know what they are doing

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31 Jan 2024 19:06:49
Those fussing about Alacaraz (one guy said he was believes he'll develop into world class like bale :/). I don't see that at all, I believe we can easily secure promotion without him this season and that's saying something. He's not bad sure, but I wouldn't say there was anything exceptional about him that that has been there in the early days of our other top class young talent.

Juve have decided to loan him then pay a decent price for him if he turns out to be what they want. Honestly I think it's decent business for everyone. Juve are being cautious and not wasting cash like so many clubs do on players that end up flopping. I generally think he will be back at the club after his loan though, not because he's crap but just because juve will probably realize that have someone just as good in their own academy that they don't need to fork £30mil on. I mean he scores the occasional goals and dazzels here and there, but I mean who doesn't, i'd take Stuey Armstrong over him any day if the week and as for us if he does go then even with 15% of fee going to River plate we still double our money.

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30 Jan 2024 11:55:03
Alas, I fear we may have signed the wrong 'B'.

Latest news is that subject to a medical David Brooks is joining on loan from Bournemouth. I was far more excited at the prospect of Benson from Burnley.

Brooks won't offer much more (if at all) than Stuart Armstrong. Benson on the other hand has electric pace and an eye for goal.

I think our need is greater elsewhere in the squad - especially with Sulemana due to return from injury.

Take Rothwell - I don't see what he offers - he was very poor at Watford looking slow and lacking a first touch. When he went off, Smallbone looked masterclass in comparison.

If Brooks does arrive, he will add to the selection headaches.

By the way, I'm a firm believer in playing your best team - constant rotation can be very demoralising. Expecting players to play two games in a week is not unreasonable given the science and diet applied to modern day recovery. Remember when we only had one sub allowed (some of you may remember no subs!) but I suppose that was when it was more of a 'man's game' (in physical terms).

I'll finish where I started - unless something happens quickly, the window will be best remembered for who we kept (KWP please God) rather than who entered the building.

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30 Jan 2024 14:24:55
Or remembered for the loss of our luxury player Charly to Forest. I do hope not

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31 Jan 2024 08:31:15
Or Juve. Couldn’t make it up

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31 Jan 2024 12:46:50
It’s interesting that Juve clearly rate him and see his potential whereas we are happy to turn a tidy profit.

There’s a lot more to come from Alcaraz who will push on with better players around him.

As I said before, very disappointed that Benson didn’t join. Brooks is a short term plug that probably suits him better than us given his place in the Wales team and need for game time. Hope I’m wrong

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31 Jan 2024 13:41:25
Alcaraz is not suited to RM system, he gets caught on the ball too much. A potentially very good player who needs to play in a less regimented system. The fee, if correct, seems eye watering but let’s hope RM can bring someone in more suited to our current style of play. Brooks will be a very good player in the championship and can play in stueys position or wide. The player we must keep is KWP, we look a totally different team without him.

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31 Jan 2024 15:23:58
Am truly gutted to lose Charly. Selling our best players again. If Russ didn’t want him he should have said so start if the season. The lad is only 20 and massive career ahead. He will be a top player in the world. Another Bale watch and see. I feel they should have tried to fit him in better. Our loss ultimately

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