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22 Apr 2024 21:57:49
There is one simple reality in the goings on at SFC
Our possession obsession football, baffled opponents, they sat back and watched us . I think WBA was the prime example of this. A team on form and playing good football, just sat there and watched us.
And then after, what was it? 25 games unbeaten?. One manager simply said to his team, Go for it, Don't sit back and watch their possession. Bristol . The man had clearly watched empty videos of our possession football and wasn't scared by it.

For me, the biggest thing has been Russell Martin total inability to change tactics based on opponents changing tactics.
he is so obsessed with his way of playing but I honestly do not believe he has any understanding of other tactics.

Against Cardiff, their manager made some substitutions, it changed the game.
Russell Martin might as well have been in a Starbucks drinking a latte, because that is the limit of his reaction to the Cardiff change.

If we do end up winning the play-offs, I pray that Russell Martin is not part of Southampton football club in the Premier League.




27 Feb 2023 22:18:04
Some questions for you fellow Saints fans. Has something gone on behind the scenes to explain RS choices .
CC dropped
KWP benched ahead of MN
Bednerek picked ahead of CC
ELy picked ahead of Edozie etc

I have absolutely no problem losing IF I feel we have given it our best shot.


1.) 28 Feb 2023 16:29:53
Could be looking at player valuation ahead of possible relegation. I think a few of our squad will be looking to move if we go down.



04 Jan 2023 21:13:36
Awful football .
tactically poor . very poor .
No game plan .


1.) 04 Jan 2023 22:05:29
That was Truely awful. Not even a shot on goal in a must win game. Burning my season ticket not watching that rubbish anymore. All I want for Christmas ? is a 4 4 2 formation. Stuart Armstrong on the pitch ad Shaun dyche in the dugout NOW.



01 Jan 2023 23:11:02
I do wonder what role Selles has with Jones. I know his official title but is jones listening to him, asking advice . because he certainly should be


1.) 02 Jan 2023 10:19:23
Personally I don't understand why they brought in Jones when Selles has premier league experience and was in my view Ralph's natural successor. To even have a chance of getting out of the predicament that we find ourselves in we need major investment this month. Obviously I don't think for 1 minute that's going to happen but even if we do cough up the cash who gets to pick the transfer targets. God help us if its left to Jones because we'll probably end up with half of Lutons squad coming in. If our owners are serious about trying to keep us in the Premier league we need 4 players who are ready to walk into the team. These type of players don't come cheap. Not holding my breath.

2.) 02 Jan 2023 10:39:03
Unfortunately that's what happens when you sell your best players ad replace with kids.we need at least 4 new players ad a decent manager. We need to stick to how we play best stop playing different formation ad playing players out of positions ie Kylie water Peters.hes a right bk that's it .stop playing him on the left. We need a decent keeper buzuma is a liability. Ad decent ball winner to play alongside jwp. We miss oriel so much in there ad at least 2 decent strikers. Adams works hard but he is not a natural finisher. Edozzie is inexperienced ad needs time. I'd bring back Adam Armstrong for now.

3.) 02 Jan 2023 12:10:19
Kwp can play left back. For me when he played at left back for us last season he was amazing and livremento at right back. I would happily play that again

4.) 02 Jan 2023 12:31:29
Think we,re have to play kwp on the left to accommodate livermento. Unless we push him into midfield on the right hand side? I like perrand as a left bk. Naturally left footed ad gets forward well. Just needs to work a bit more on his defensive game.

5.) 04 Jan 2023 11:53:34
What is going on in this transfer window? We need to get bodies over the line. Got 2 6 pointers in the prem happening with forest ad Everton ad City in the cup! We need some quality players

6.) 04 Jan 2023 18:13:18
Apparently villa want rid of ings? Let's go get him! He was quality for us would love to see him bk in a saints shirt. Memories of the good old days when we could hit the bk of the net ad score goalssss. Come on you reds. Let's get 3 pts tonight ad get out of this mess



23 May 2022 17:14:12
And another to leave without mentioning Ralph .
Broja has posted a great message on Instagram, thanking the fans and players .



1.) 25 May 2022 21:42:04
He was rubbish for the last 9 games tapped up? Or thought he’d done enough? Time will tell should’ve dropped him earlier if he couldn’t be arsed that’s the trouble with loans. He won’t score 15 next year wherever he is. Would rather we played Armstrong who will still come good once he wasn’t staying.




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27 May 2024 21:25:18
To all the regular posters and not so regular posters . to the Ed's that have had to put up with our moans, our groans and our constant (mostly) criticism .
it's good to be back in the EPL . (understatement)
As someone who has multiple times criticised RM as a manger who has achieved nothing as a manager, I now have to withdraw that comment! Am I convinced he is right man, at this moment in time, who cares. fair play to him. He believes in his possession obsession football. to the point that when we lost 5-0 to Leicester, he still thought our possession was superb .

But the players love him, the players love the comradely, the players love the club and the FANS . I'd love to see Adams and Fraser stay .
as 2408 said, let's get Perraud back .
plus the two defenders that we loaned out.
Was it a clever option to get their wages paid while we gained promotion without them . mmmm I'd like to think so .

And finally I'd like to say it was wonderful to see Kat at Wembley .
Despite some negative comments bordering on hatred. just take a minute to think .
her father dies unexpectedly after a very short illness, she inherits a football club while mourning her father .
She tried . and if it wasn't for her father, southampton fc would be squandering in oblivion .

ML . I wish you were at Wembley to see your dream continue .





17 May 2024 22:16:18
Great second half . disappointed to see The wee Scot taken off, but he was played as a left wing back, which meant covering for stephens . who thought he could roam all over the pitch.
We weren't brave enough first half, players were making runs, but I think we only played 2/3 balls into space, or a running player.
Second half we played faster, moved the ball around so much quicker, the transition from defence to attack was more deliberate .

Great atmosphere, great couple of goals .


1.) 18 May 2024 07:54:41
Good match analysis South Hants Rich.

For me, it was a ‘job done’ performance which is what matters. I’m hoping we are saving our best to last.

McCarthy deserves praise for his performance over the two legs - probably MoM.

And a big shout out for the 12th man - the fans were electric before and during the game.



27 Apr 2024 18:04:38
Scratched record comes to mind, so apologies for posting our stats once again .
shame RM can't spot it . against stoke it was worse .

saints 65% stoke 35%
Shots 14 15
On target 3 8

All the analysis in the word is wasted . it's there in black and white .
3x as many shots on target in half the possession

RM . deluded and tactically inept


1.) 28 Apr 2024 04:04:19
I keep reading of Players Saints maybe interested in signing which could be null.& void IF a new Manager is installed ( hopefully Liam Riosenior (Hull Ccity or Carlos Corbera’n ( WBA) which is about top level we can attract at this time - when other Managers play a different style of. Football.



06 Apr 2024 15:49:18
Half time . 72% possession
0 shots on target
3 corners
1 shot on target
8 corners

Possession does not win games .




09 Mar 2024 14:12:48
Disappointed to see that Martin is sticking with his favourites,
Stephens, Manning and Smallbone .
Sunderland will exploit their weaknesses . and there is a lot of them!
Smallbone neither tackles or presses, Manning's positional play is bordering on amateurish, Stephens poor decision making and mistakes .





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30 Apr 2024 21:36:07
Preston was an interesting one. We were quite simply superb… as you say, we changed things. I honestly thought that was the start of changes.

I remember when we started to play balls over the top, H-B particularly good and clever at it . I worked … but we stopped it.
it is almost like RM had sleepless nights worrying that he had gone against his possession obsession.

Possession obsession to the extreme.




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27 Apr 2024 22:40:48
Millertime .
Have you noticed that when something goes wrong, RM posts something that’s takes the attention towards himself .
the 0-5 loss . it’s all my fault I should have played stephens .
blah blah .
maybe his mum could phone him up and tell him to stop blagging . to stop the rhetoric nonsense.

I found it bizarre that in his whole playing career, not a single team paid a single penny for him .
umpteen loan’s etc ., god was he that irritating that they all wanted shot of him .
Google it .is RM the only player in history to never command a single transfer fee .

Well I’d pay 1p to send him to the school of ‘overinflated egos’!

The reality is (and I’ve posted it before) that there are many players who have not been allowed to play their natural game, have had their natural game quenched.

I would love to see some of our attacking players under a different manager .

I don’t think another manager would have loaned out Alcaraz, wouldn’t have given big paul a chance, would have loaned out Perraud (even worse! #^^€ $$€%% to give manning a starting place! )

Jones was ‘rather strange’ . but RM is deluded …

How can you think 60%+ possession against Leicester is good, while losing 5-0 while not registering a single shot on goal .
Stoke . half the possession, more shots, 3x the shots on target …
Even Billy bloggs managing the local pub team would think… I need to change this .

As per Ed001’s post earlier . imagine saints players allowed to do what they like!

I end my usual rants with the words of the weekend commentator .

I’ve seen more forward passes than a game of rugby!

I am expecting RM to be sacked when we don’t win promotion …
He will say, ‘but we had 69% possession, how can you sack me ., ‘




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27 Apr 2024 17:59:29
Thank you Ed001 for that great reply …
I can understand that a coach may spot a shortcoming in someone’s game. but as you say, the modern coach, especially RM, are telling the players what they need to do!
Love the Liverpool story . cheers again


{Ed001's Note - very welcome.}



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26 Apr 2024 22:42:36
I feel at this point I’d love to hear from an Ed (or 2408 who I’ve been trying to guess who you are) .
I’ve played various sports at a reasonable level, but I've never encountered a situation where the coach wanted us to do ‘plan A’ when clearly it was plan B or C or D that was needed .
How do the players get RM to change his ways, admit defeat, listen to the players .
why don’t the players on the pitch say f**k with this nonsense and unleash themselves ….

This is where my understanding ends.
Imagine being an attacking midfielder or an attacker, Waiting for that one defence splitting pass, That defence splitting run.
But all you get is sitting back and watching huge amounts of possession, but not where you want it to be.
So in reality, can the players just do it their way?


{Ed001's Note - it is quite common, you usually know it as 'losing the dressing room'. That is characterised by players ignoring instructions and doing what they think is right. Which is strange to me as I grew up with Liverpool dominating everything and that was the secret of their success. They put players together who knew how to play and just let them play. In fact there are a number of the players who tell stories about how they would ask for tactical instructions and be told that they should figure it out for themselves (well not in so many words, usually it involved them being told to go forth and multiply). Nowadays coaches want robots who just do as they are told, rather than thinking for themselves.}



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24 Apr 2024 11:47:26
67% possession, 721 passes to Leicesters 361 and not a shot on target …
You can analyse as much as you like, But that is it in a nutshell. And as for Russell Martin to say that we were competing in the game… We had a good one minute spell after halftime, Other than that, I enjoyed watching Leicester play!





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27 May 2024 10:33:11
Firstly congratulations in order.
I was disappointed with Leeds, they were excellent at pressing us but very unstructured in attack.
I will mention him again as he is a gifted goalscorer.
The wee man . he needs to play with a wing back . we hardly used him at all.
We won and am sooo happy but if we had been playing Leicester or Ipswich, they would have beaten us.
midfielders running with the ball … like the good old days.
premier league it’s nice to be back




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26 May 2024 17:27:57
We are going up
We are going up!




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23 May 2024 20:35:43
I feel the same .
we could be totally in control of the game, and in one moment if schoolboy-football madness, we could make an awful pass at the back . and Leeds score.
I never thought I’d say it, but definitely feel more comfortable with McCarthy in goal.
Is always looking for a forward pass, knows (most of the time) when to play it long or outside .

Fraser was wasted in the semi, playing left wing back.
Spent the whole game covering for the marauding Jack stephens!
We have the players to win on Sunday .
KWP needs to play right back . he needs to play 4 across the back and stop playing JS for the sake of it. but he’s made him Captain so he’s not getting dropped . H-B and Bednerek with two conventional wing backs .
Adams and Armstrong play well together .
Fraser one wing .
let the fun begin




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12 May 2024 14:58:33
We are soooooo slow at moving the ball forward .
WBA playing at speed .
We have given the ball away in dangerous positions. at least 3 times in 35 minutes …
We need to be way more positive and stop this messing around with it .
If WBA score we will struggle .

Perhaps RM will change things at half time mmmmm




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30 Apr 2024 21:41:07
Hi 2408 …
Surely the game again Leicester, compounded by the awful stoke hame, will mean that’s RMs possession obsession has to end.
But like you, I don’t think he will.

I think more worryingly, he thought we deserved something from the Leicester game, that we matched them; and that had stephens been playing, the result would be different.

Unleash the team RM.