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22 Apr 2024 21:36:41
The newest cliche in footballing parlance from pundits, reporters and the like is, "they find a way" which generally describes how the best teams come up trumps in the face of adversity.

Then there's us - the other side of the coin - "we find a way not to win".

How we didn't beat Cardiff defies belief - how we snatched draws from winning positions all season long also defies belief.

Simply put, we're masters at finding a way not to win football matches.

And why is that? As I've said many a time - we lack that winning mentality. When it comes to the play-offs I would fancy us to beat Norwich over two legs, but the others would batter us.

I don't like to admit it, but West Brom are the team which have the physical and mental strength to overcome possession football.

RM - you have much to answer for.

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13 Apr 2024 21:44:50
I'm all for the positivity and believe me I am trying lol but I'm still not optimistic about automatic.

Yes it is technically possible again now but we've been riding our luck too hard to get where we are right now. The teams above us have all dropped massive points but we having capitalized on that nearly enough.

The main factor will be when we face them. They're away games and Leicester and Leeds will both up their games and show their promotion form when playing against us. When it comes to ruthlessness and not conceeding when it matters I can't honestly say we've got it in us. Maybe if we start playing Lumley.

I'm going to be positive though, go with the flow and hope for the fairytale lol . Here's hoping for automatic ?

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11 Feb 2024 20:56:16
It's been a long time since I've expected Saints to win. It's been even longer since I've been excited to watch them play good football. It's been even longer since I've ENJOYED IT!

Even at half time yesterday. And all that positivity from five months' effort was gone. But even then I thought we could still get something.

But 8 goal involvements from substitutes is utterly obscene and shows our depth now. EIGHT! Rothwell 2G 1A, Brooks 2A, Mara 1G 1A, Edozie 1G. We won the second half 5-1!

Our two Bournemouth loanees were excellent and the fact they've come from the same club seemed to do wonders yesterday.

And just following it online from the second half, even at 2-3, I was still expectant rather than hoping, and I think Huddersfield were too.

Not only will that energise the fans, the fringe players, and galvanise the first XI regulars to pick up the standards, that must be massively deflating for both Leeds and Ipswich.

We were dropping to third albeit with a game in hand but have kept up the relentlessness and with Leeds playing Leicester in a few weeks, we could be a couple of wins clear before our dicey run-in.

I think it's just between us and Leeds now. Ipswich have nine points in nine games, but the three former Prem teams are all just winning and winning.

How epic could that game be at Elland Road to finish the season? And what's more, I can't wait for the game on Tuesday! We could pick any 6 of 11 MID/FWD players, and I'd still expect us to score four. 0-0 incoming no doubt.

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30 Jan 2024 20:45:30
So, Brooks done which begs the 6 million dollar question - what would the strongest team be in your view.

I've no fixed view but probably:


KWP. THB. Bednerek Manning?

Brooks. Smallbone. Armstrong Frazer

Armstrong Adams

That may be a bit light in midfield in which case I would bring in Alcaraz or Downes for Adams.

Left back is where we're short.

Any better line-ups?

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31 Jan 2024 08:28:50
Alcaraz off to Juve. Total madness ?

31 Jan 2024 13:05:21
Downes is literally our best player - it's madness you haven't selected him. As it stands, our best 11 is.

KWP. THB. Bendarek. Manning
Brooks A.Armstrong Fraser

31 Jan 2024 13:53:26
Be more than happy with that team!

31 Jan 2024 13:55:43
The point is, earlier on in the season I didn’t have a clue what our strongest team looked like but now I suspect most of us would agree on 9 or 10 of the starting line up.

That is a good thing!

21 Jan 2024 11:11:24
RM needs to make a decision on Jack Stephens and remove the captaincy from him. I have always felt that given a run of games Stephens settles in but we don't need him at the moment and can't risk giving him cameos like yesterday as that could have back fired. Would he have come on if he wasn't captain, I think not. So strip him of the captaincy and keep him on the bench PLEASE.

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01 Jan 2024 17:15:39
On the way back from Norwich and I think today's performance vindicated all of us who doubt the merit of possession football.

Once again, we had the lion's share of the possession, countless corners but very little end product. Truth be told, it was Norwich who looked more likely to win when they drew level and we were bang out of ideas. They created chances on the break and cut through us with relative ease.

No stand out players today - all 6/10.

On the plus side, Ipswich failed to beat 10 man Stoke so we didn't lose ground. And the run continues .

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01 Jan 2024 21:42:00
Millertime .
This can be broken down very simply.
Playing Stephens at right back didn’t work last time.
Is Stephen a right back - NO
Is KWP a better right back than Stephens - YES
Is KWP a better right midfield/wing than players on the bench - NO
Is KWP as effective playing higher up - NO

Mr Martin - stop being clever and messing around with player positions .

Mr Martin - another load of rhetoric from
You about should have won - well it’s simple, get the ball up the pitch QUICKER

02 Jan 2024 09:02:39
Completely agree with both comments.

Seems RM has fallen into the trap of trying to put all the best players on the pitch, even in their secondary positions. It may make some key players happy that they are not on the bench but not something to be playing around with, especially Mid season.

Also gives me a concern SR are considering selling KWP, so are trying Stephens in his position and then will get a replacement winger. This could cost us promotion, we need to keep our PL players.

While recent results have been positive, progress is needed. Thumping a team's B side with their head not in the game over the holidays is one thing, winning when teams are fighting for every point in the last 10 games will be something else.

We have Leicester, Ipswich and Leeds away in the final 20 games. Ipswich and Leeds have already played twice, so they have an advantage. The table going to be very close. We need to have our best players in their best position moving the ball forward with purpose to get promotion.

02 Jan 2024 12:23:32
I disagree with KWP comment, I'd argue he's better as an attacking winger then he is a defender .at the least he's best in both positions. It's his pace and agility that ables him to get up the pitch but also get back, track and close down players and he's shown time and time again that he's willing to that roll no matter how far up the pitch he plays .so why wouldn't you play in further up?

In relation to other wingers I wouldn't say we have any natural wingers like KWP. Fraser and Sulamana aren't as good on the wing. Fraser isn't as fast and Sulamana although fast hasn't got the consistency KWP has. KWP also has the ability to cut inside and score with the best of them.

So all in all, saying KWP is not effective higher up the pitch is complete bonkers. He's one of our main threats that actually looks to move the ball forward and direct to goal. Sure he's a decent full back/defender but he's an even better winger.

02 Jan 2024 22:39:20
You do somewhat read into posts!
I am not saying he is not influential further up the pitch. he is superb further up the pitch!
He is very influential, very quick, superb at getting to the bye line .
that is something we have enjoyed for seasons FROM a defensive position!
When he plays at the back, we benefit from his excellent defence qualities and his attacking qualities.

Moving him further forward means we lose his superb defensive capabilities.
The beauty of him playing at the back is he can turn defence into attack in one moment .
Stephens is not in the same league as kwp when it comes to being a wing back.
Kwp can turn an opponents attack into a saints attack in one moment.
Stephens is an ok CB and an ok defender.

We are trying to get promotion, we need to be dynamic, fast, unpredictable .
if you think playing stephens at right back makes us a better side, then you don’t know the game.
The modern day right back is a fast flowing, dynamic, skilful player . Stephens is none of that!

Kwp right back combining with Stuey, Mara, Fraser etc is a superb combination …
To suggest kwp is much better than Fraser on the wing . is bizarre . have you watched Fraser play on the wing . not only is he superb, his crossing ability is superb .
I’ll leave it there .
Stephens is not a modern right back.
He is knowing a quick enough, agile enough, or clever enough to be a right back

03 Jan 2024 20:57:11
I never said anything about Stephen's, your point was is KWP bett up the pitch .you said no.

Just because the modern game is more fast "pep-esque" demand more from players in certain positions doesn't mean certain players can't play in places. I agree Stephens isn't a great right back, but I've got nothing against mixing it up . because KWP from day one has always been an attacking full back, not a defensive one .so to argue his defensive attributes are better than his forward play is bizarre. Fraser is ok on the wing, but I'll think your find he's more suited to a Stuey Armstrong roll, attacking midfielder.

01 Jan 2024 10:32:29
Happy New Year everybody! It has been a pleasure posting with you. As an expat that does not get to see many games, it is great to hear what is going on from those closer to the action.

Reading some rumours about strikers and wingers coming in.

@Eds, any rumours with substance?

{Ed002's Note - Fabio Carvalho (AM/LW) He has no clear future at Liverpool, certainly in the short-term so a loan to perhaps Southampton or Leicester would be best for all. Liverpool would also consider him as a player they could let go in any part exchange transaction.}

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02 Jan 2024 09:17:28
Thank you Ed002.

Hearing we are in the market for at least 1 striker e.g. Ings and/or Biovski and an AM or winger e.g Carvalho or Diallo. Is this abou right?

{Ed002's Note - Yes but much will depend on the summer and if promotion is achieved.}

24 Dec 2023 17:00:51
Well done and another win the only downside this week is the Ross Stewart situation, I just hope that we don't buy another striker in a panic, one I would quite like is Baily Cadamatari who is a young lad but shows a lot of potential

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19 Dec 2023 10:48:55
Jan rumours suggesting we could see
KWP out and Ben Johnson in
Che out and Ings in?

Would you take that scenario?

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30 Nov 2023 09:00:40
Where was Ross Stewart tonight not even on the bench, have we bought another dud and if so do we go again in the transfer window, as for the game our lack of a second goal left us vulnerable as previously, whilst our league position is good it could be so much better if we had won games rather than draw ie Rotherham and Huddersfield, if we do go again in the window who will leave to make room in the squad

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