06 Feb 2023 10:36:41
Has he been sacked, Ed's?

{Ed002's Note - Not yet.}

1.) 06 Feb 2023
06 Feb 2023 12:30:48
Is it still possible before Saturday?

2.) 06 Feb 2023
06 Feb 2023 12:48:06
He must have gone by now.

3.) 06 Feb 2023
06 Feb 2023 13:03:23
Can I ask Ed, what do you think of the situation? Do you feel his bizarre speech should be the end?
I don’t care if the manager is an absolute kn*b if the football is good and entertaining .

{Ed002's Note - I don't think it is that big of a deal.}

4.) 06 Feb 2023
06 Feb 2023 14:09:18
Ok ?

5.) 06 Feb 2023
06 Feb 2023 16:28:28
Guys, there is no way the board are going to sack Jones yet. Its not going to happen. Maybe after Saturday if we loose but untill then I think they will keep things as they are. I would say after his very public comments about compramising his tactis has actually put himself in a dangerous posistion. Because he said he won't be doing it anymore means his way has to show considerable improvment and for me that means a win. If he doesn't get that win against Wolves then I think his head could be on the chopping block. I just worry who we would replace him with

6.) 07 Feb 2023
07 Feb 2023 00:23:16
Jesse Marsch is free

7.) 07 Feb 2023
07 Feb 2023 00:33:54
I think the confidence within the squad is very low and I don’t think it will matter who is our manager, we are going to be relegated. It’s a shame but as fans we must be realistic when now expecting 23-25 points in 17 games, 7/8 wins? Where from?

8.) 07 Feb 2023
07 Feb 2023 04:40:43
teejaysaint - Jesse would be a substantial upgrade for us but reports indicate that the USA National Team are very interested in recruiting him as Head Coach.Saints would have to be super quick with a sweet offer to capture him now!

9.) 07 Feb 2023
07 Feb 2023 12:42:54
Surely now the Board will act. The website has been bombarded ahead of tonight’s forum to sack him. Momentum is huge.

10.) 07 Feb 2023
07 Feb 2023 23:20:07
I have never seen so much hatred, yes hatred towards a manager!
As i repeatedly say, couldn’t care less about his personality IF the football was good . but it’s the worst football I think I’ve ever seen at the club. and yes I’ve been going to matches for over 50 years!
Over 50 long balls in one game