13 Dec 2023 22:26:35
As predictable as the script of the hundreds of mindless Xmas Movies currently on TV.

RM is the small town guy who is never going to change his ways, happy with his quaint little failing business (aka The Saints).

When is the girl from the big city going to come along and catapult him out of his inertia? And I don`t mean Katherina Liebherr.

Personally not full of festive cheer at present as we fail to put another mediocre team to the sword.

While Leicester and Ipswich win again this midweek we lose another 2 points.

Loads of possession and corners. Yet still the opposition have more goal threat and we could so easily have lost once more. Bet Coventry were worried when we brought on Mara.

Another poor result but no doubt RM will be satisfied. The New Year will soon be here and the league leaders will be far away from us and our fringe players will see us embarrassed as we exit the FA Cup early.

Here`s to 2024.

1.) 14 Dec 2023
13 Dec 2023 23:37:23
Did you hear his pre-match interview on radio Solent?

It explained exactly why he got the job. 0 God, can he talk the talk? he sound like he knows what he’s doing? But It was the ramblings of an uneducated man, let alone a technical and tactical genius!

There is a reason this man has not ever improved a team, never even made the playoffs let alone promotion.

He doesn’t have a clue! we are scraping wins and draws!

The football is awful, predictable, boring and the only game plan seems to be to Pass sidewards and backwards!

But still, there are fans that think we are doing well and are playing amazingly?

He is definitely taking our club backwards

2.) 14 Dec 2023
14 Dec 2023 10:45:04
2408, millertime and the rest . come put me out of my misery, come add some sanity .
Why am I being lambasted on social media for criticising Martin and the dross football.
3x the possession
Only one more shot, and one less on target.
Bazuno made some great saves again!
Falling behind the top two more and more .
Goal difference widening .
same ol dross and predictable football

3.) 14 Dec 2023
14 Dec 2023 14:29:19
Why oh why do we keep going for clueless managers. We always seem to go for the cheapest option. We need a manager who knows how to win leagues/ cups etc. Yes it will cost the club more money but we would possibly still be in the Premier league had we invested in someone with knowhow after Ralph. Paying big money for an injured striker who's only played about 20 minutes in a Saints shirt and unlikely to be fit enough to play before February is ok as far as the board are concerned but forking out for a decent manager with a good track record is out of the question? I agree with south_hants_rich this manager is taking us backwards.

4.) 14 Dec 2023
14 Dec 2023 17:29:04
south_hants_rich, teejaysaint, 2408, millertime and others in agreement.

We can`t all be wrong and are basically voicing the opinions of many, many proper Saints Fans. It is unlikely this season is going to end well and next summer will again probably be chaos.

St Michael

5.) 14 Dec 2023
14 Dec 2023 20:46:10
I hesitated from posting after last night because my views are now as predictable as RM’s post match ‘proud of the boys’ and ‘keep believing’ platitudes.

We were dreadful. No ifs, no buts - plain awful.

And we are getting found out. Teams have paid us too much respect and now they realise that we offer no meaningful attacking threat.

I also believe that we will get turned over properly soon by teams who decide to go for it (Sunderland away fashion) .

I agree with the consensus - RM is out of his depth and often out of his mind. Even if we scrape promotion via the play offs I won’t change my mind on him unless he changes his world view on possession.

And if we did manage to go up - playing the way we do - even with additions to the squad - we would get bartered most weeks.

As for the Stewart signing - does anyone remember the time years ago when we wore ‘I’ve seen Charlie George play for Saints’?

6.) 14 Dec 2023
14 Dec 2023 22:27:40
Have to give credit where it is due. Leicester and Ipswich are storming this league and will both hit 110+ points if they carry on like this.

A few games ago they showed weakness and there was a chance us or Leeds could catch them, with our promosing form. Now they have cemented their place bar a radical shift. Fair play to them, Ipswich especially.

We deserve to be where we are. The stats do not lie. We do not have that ruthless edge to be in the top 3 and the manager does not have the desire to change.

Our position and points tally is respectable and better than I expected at this point but we are not PL quality, playing like this.

Maybe Ings will return and give us that edge, who knows? I would have loved the thrill of chasing down the top 2, rather than 25 games waiting for the 3 that will matter but it is what it is.

Maybe we get a good new player, finish the league strongly as RM did last year and beat Leeds in the playoff final, like we did at Saint Mary's. I am in for the ride whether good or bad!

7.) 15 Dec 2023
15 Dec 2023 00:37:58
Agree that Leicester and Ipswich are blazing a trail but we are haemorrhaging points needlessly.

We’re all on the ride but that’s purely because supporting Saints is in our DNA. It’s not fun under RM and the lack of ambition all around the park is unacceptable. Individually and collectively we give the impression that we are big time Charlies. They haven’t earns the right.

There’s not a player in the present side who would have got into the starting eleven under Koeman or Potch (KWP aside) yet they strut around with 5 yard passes back the way they’re facing.

Baz had more touches than every outfield player - what does that say?

Frustrating times and RM will be sacked at some point as all mangers are - hopefully before he does irreparable damage.

I’m thinking 1-1 again Saturday - 3 lack lustre draws on the spin but not to worry, RM will still be very proud of the boys!

8.) 15 Dec 2023
15 Dec 2023 07:41:54
We are in for the ride. Would rather it was driving along a coastal road in a Ferrari than stop, start in traffic with an old Fiat 500!

Would love to know where we would be with an attacking manager and Tella and Sulemana running at pace with Onuachu in the box.

Still, we have come a long way since those 4 defeats, we are unbeaten, better at the back and just need to find a way to score more and see off games. Then maybe we can finish well and pull off a playoff party. Maybe a strong character like Ings can help adjust our play.

At times, our football is brilliant but too often dull and predictable. Charlie, Che and Suelemana should be scoring more at this level, the style of play does not suit them.

We are going to lose a few good players if we fail to get promoted. Burnley will probably win the league next year, but we should have a decent chance against the rest.