03 Oct 2022 11:07:25
I think the writing is now on the wall. The fact that Wolves dispensed with Lage, who has no fit forwards, shows how ruthless a team sensing danger will act to ensure survival.

We just do not do that as a club. We have a very decent squad with no clue how to play, the fact we've lost to Everton, Wolves and Villa in our last three games with such meek displays surely has to be the final straw. City next, and quite genuinely, Haaland could score six or seven. No clean sheet since April, and with the defence we now have, we should have kept several by now this season.

Dyche, Setien, Rafa, Bielsa are all options that I wouldn't dismiss as unrealistic and although Ralph is a legend of a man, his football is dire and it is probably time to say goodbye.

1.) 03 Oct 2022
03 Oct 2022 16:17:51
I’m not actually sure that Ralph is a ‘legend of a man’ . from Valery’s comment that Ralph doesn’t speak to players and that’s why he has coaching staff around him! To his very poor open criticism of players in the press, to multiple statements about his poor relationship with some players… I’d say he plays at being a legend to the press, while actually having zero qualities to be a coach.
Just seen a figure of 12/60 points … not even bothering to check, surely this can’t be right?

He is a coach who from day one stated it was his way or no way, spent months writing his ‘book’, got all the saints levels playing his way .
well they are started playing badly and losing .

Trying to think of an analogy for Ralph and his coaching. It’s like that person who is determined to fix something broken, but really doesn’t have the knowledge but is determined they will ‘do it themselves’ . like a car that won’t start, change this change that, fiddle with this fiddle with . meanwhile all around are saying, take it to a garage.
‘NO . I’m determined to fix it’

2.) 03 Oct 2022
03 Oct 2022 19:18:02
The problem is I don't think he has the technical or managerial skills to fix anything

3.) 06 Oct 2022
06 Oct 2022 12:56:14
Not sure about the Forest manager as possible replacement for Ralph but the club at least look like their going to take action at long last u fortunately i think they will go with selles and we'll be having this debate again in the spring

4.) 06 Oct 2022
06 Oct 2022 14:35:34
don't like forest boss
my suggestion is Potch to newcastle and eddie howes comes to us