06 Mar 2015 15:34:03
See the press reporting today that we are attempting to make Spider our biggest wage earner. We have to find a way to compete with the big boys if we are to be ambitious to succeed.

I think Roko is a great asset and I have every faith that he I'd doing what's best for SFC.

1.) 06 Mar 2015
06 Mar 2015 19:26:28
Whilst this could be what the club will attempt, I am totally convinced the media will have no knowledge of what may be under negotiation. Suspect it is more speculation from the usual suspects.

2.) 06 Mar 2015
06 Mar 2015 19:41:31
I'm pretty sure Schneiderlin's itchy feet have very little to do with his wage packet and more that he's entering the final third of his career and has yet to play at the highest club level in spite of clearly being good enough to do so.

Unless Saints miraculously finish in the top four, he'll be off.

3.) 08 Mar 2015
08 Mar 2015 15:33:29
If 60k is our best effort to keep Morgan then it shows what a joke we are and will never be able to keep players. Saints have to pay around the 90k mark to our best talent or they will leave for other clubs. We have no tue ambition and are just a selling club and will see another wave of players leave in the summer.

4.) 09 Mar 2015
09 Mar 2015 08:19:43
If we pay Morgan 90k there will be a lot of other players knocking on RoKo's door wanting more money. With our relatively small ground and fan base we simply can't afford to pay those kind of wages. We've not long got back on an even keel and I'm sure that most true fans would rather see 1 or 2 players leave rather than chance going back to where we were a few years ago

5.) 12 Mar 2015
11 Mar 2015 23:51:05
Teejay. However seeing our best players leave will also see us fall. Ok this season hasn't seen us fail as was expected but no club, however good their academy and manager are, can't expect to keep selling their talent and sustain their league position. Was I the only person worried by the recent report that our academy has made the most money in Europe recently? Maybe this is because we keep selling!!