16 Sep 2023 09:32:36
When martin first came in I thought it was a strange one but willing to give him benefit of doubt. Couldn't of been easy to manage through that window either without knowing what your playing squad was going to look like, constant speculation, unsettled players etc and I actually thought he handled it pretty well. HOWEVER the last 2 games have been serious alarm bells to borderline frightening. The team selection is a million miles off and i stick by my previous posts of u can't play downes and smallbone in same midfield. Manning is awful and picking adams, fraser, edozie and Armstrong in same 11 is a joke. You want to play possession based football but you leave our bravest ball player in alcaraz on the bench. The defending is beyond a joke. I thought last year was bad but somehow it's got worse. The 4th goal sums it up, I know you r trying to get back in the game but REAAAALLY, i've seen better on a Sunday morning. But worst of all like a couple have already mentioned was the post match interview. To think it was a good game between 2 good side and it only came down to being less clinical is frightening and comes down to either delusion or arrogance. Most managers would have said "the last 2 games have been unacceptable and I take responsibility for not putting team in best situation" etc but to come out with that utter toilet is ridiculous. It's hugely worrying and if he doesn't change (you've don't have to change principals, just make small tweaks) and do something drastically at the defensive end we are going to be in for another long season: (

1.) 17 Sep 2023
17 Sep 2023 05:17:02
After reading several comments.I must sayI tended to agree with Murph st raven with respect to Martins inherited position.However fast forward two heavy losses and it appears no progress has been made on both team selection and remedying major fault lines.Ibelieve we need a new Head Coach and complete new coaching team capable of recognising problem solving with a few tweaks which would bring out the best in our players.It is very critical that any prospective candidate has a very strong coaching. team around them.Following 2408 suggested replacement selection I too offer my preferences.The first two candidates I originally posted as suggestions prior to Martins appointment.1/Jon Dahl Tomasson Blackburn Rovers) (Danish International)2/Steven Schumacher (Plym.Argyle)3/Ryan Lowe (Preston N.E)4/Kieran McKenna (Ipswich Town) .An in depth search of all variables would be a pre requisite with a listed candidates appear to have tight rock solid teams around them to meet the criteria -but time waits for no man! Finally a change tack-what a joy to watch Brighton&HA’s brilliant Coach Roberto. De Zerbe masterclass implementing his No fear tactics playing out from the back and attacking on the wings and through the centre at lightening speed and so destroying Man.Utd.in the process! So SFC Fans we have to believe that if we act with positive conviction right now we too may be able to land a young Manager with a similar potential to Roberto De Zerbe!

2.) 18 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023 18:27:50
I like your choices but with the exception of Schumacher I don’t think we would get any of them.