31 Mar 2023 17:57:59
If you are curious what Saints need to stay up, it is probably 36 points, which is 13 from our last 10 or 3 wins and 4 draws.

This is based on an analysis of the min needed to survive over the last 10 seasons and final table projections based on the avg. points this seasons and the last 6 and 10 games.

Can we do it? If we avg. the same points per game over the season or last 10 games then no. If we maintain our form in the Selles era, then potentially yes.

This would give us 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in our next 9 and needing a point on the last day to make it.

Saints are top of the bottom 9 clubs over the last 6 games. The other teams hit 13% fewer points than their season average, whereas we hit +62%. We will need that trend to continue, to have a chance.

Going to be a thrilling finale, either way and hope the stats are useful.

Here is a reasonable best case scenario:

Wins: Palace, Fulham and Bournemouth
Draws: West Ham, Forest, Newcastle and Liverpool
Losses: Man City, Arsenal and Brighton

1.) 06 Apr 2023
06 Apr 2023 16:05:31
If you're really curious as to what Saints need to stay up I think we can say an absolute miracle

2.) 08 Apr 2023
08 Apr 2023 19:56:45
At this point, I agree with you!