17 Apr 2022 22:20:41
Great win after last week Lt shows what Forster can do a performance that Maccarthy could only dream of but somehow he is the one with the new contract .I must be missing something but after fiftyfive years of supporting the saints I have seen enough to know what I am looking at .Is it too late to reverse this decision and do the right thing

1.) 19 Apr 2022
19 Apr 2022 10:24:05
Norfolk Saint :
I had never seen anything in McCarthy that ever warranted a contract extension.
We know that Forster suffers/ed from (well publicised) mental health issues. I’m not sure what it did for him to see McCarthy playing awful and still being picked.
Comes into the team and plays superbly and gets dropped. Warming our bench after being a hero to the Celtic fans, and playing superbly.

Ralph definitely has his favourites and it seems he wants to be their favourite person.

Mind you, he has finally seen how bad Djenepo is, how bad Walcott is, Redmond too
But after publicly criticising Redmond then brings him in when 1-0 up and needing people that track back and tackle . not Redmond!

Anyway, Forster was unbelievable and should be our number 1!
Although I see in the papers that we are interested in another goalkeeper (if true) . what a way to kick the stuffing out of someone’s confidence

2.) 19 Apr 2022
19 Apr 2022 21:53:34
I don’t often disagree with you Rich or Norfolk Saint but I must on this occasion. Forster had a blinder against Arsenal - no question. He rolled back the years and looked the giant of a keeper he once was.

But, and it’s a big but, he needs to keep this form up. Arsenal aside, I cannot honestly recall when he was the difference between winning and losing. He lacks confidence in the air, flaps at crosses and doesn’t move his feet quickly enough. He is often slow getting down and his distribution is mostly poor.
The terrific stops he pulled off on Saturday were mostly above shoulder height - which is a strength of his.

I know you feel differently but I will stand by my opinion that neither Forster or McCarthy are PL standard. If however, Forster continues this form and it’s not just a one off performance, I will happily eat my hat, so to speak!

3.) 20 Apr 2022
20 Apr 2022 07:01:23
Well Millertime I don’t think you’ll be eating your hat anytime soon! but I agree (as a former goalkeeper myself)your observations of Forster’s shortcomings are pretty much spot on.Kudos to him for his great performance against Arsenal and who.knows restored confidence can sometimes work miracles - but considering his huge weekly wage personally I would expect and require that level of performance every week! Let’s Hope!

4.) 21 Apr 2022
21 Apr 2022 14:54:25
Funnily enough, so was I - half decent keeper (Isthmian League back in the day) and never went further because most of my weaknesses I recognise in Forster. I was considered a good shot stopper but lacked the command of the 6 yard box.
Odd thing to say perhaps, but Forster is probably too tall to be a truly great keeper whereas Pickford lacks a couple of inches. Somewhere in between and you will find the optimum height for supremacy on crosses and speed to get down low.
And in the modern game, two decent feet (as well as hands!)
Hoping for a win tonight - come on Saints!