08 May 2021 22:12:38
We've played worse but the simple fact is, had Forster been in goal for Liverpool, we would have got at least a point. we must get a new GK who inspires confidence.
JW-P - when you look in the mirror what do you see? You added nothing and you actually need to work on your delivery from set pieces.
Redmond - no, I'm not going to go there.

1.) 08 May 2021
08 May 2021 22:29:09
Redmond, Walcott served ZERO purpose .
JWP . contributes nothing in the final third - where he is supposed to be contributing!

2.) 09 May 2021
09 May 2021 03:25:27
With money apparently in short supply SFC must abandon any intentions of signing Walcott on current form plus his expected wages would account for the employ of 2/ 3 prospective young players. JWP would have to improve (as would Bednarek) to be automatic selections. next season. Agreed a top Keeper would probably save us 6/ 7 points a season. Redmond would be seen leaving in a taxi! Concerning that the under 18’s and 23’s seem to be copping a regular beating and with respect to the Manager who is still learning his Premiership trade ( behind Reporters’smoke screen) the Jury is still out!

3.) 10 May 2021
10 May 2021 14:45:39
I think that JWP and Armstrong are doing a good job in midfield. I think that JWP would get forward more if Romeo was not injured. We really miss his power in defending the midfield.