19 Apr 2021 08:49:38
As everyone else is saying, the performance yesterday was clueless, devoid of ideas, I thought they were playing for penalties from the 5th minute!
Lots of blame being laid on Ralph's head. Some I would agree. his inability to recognise who is playing badly and sub them is a huge shortcoming. His lack of tactical changes, his team selection.
But let's be fair, he picked a good side.
Redmond and Djenepo were two I have not rated all season, but Redmond seemed to up his game previously and Djenepo seemed sharper. But what Ralph got was two no hopers who were terrible with and without the ball, in fact I'm not sure they had a cross between them let alone an important pass! They both broke up many of OUR attacks!
Dallio - not up to the speed of the premier league, strolls around like it's a friendly, gives away the ball too much.
Walcott absolutely non existent when he came on.
Bertrand too slow, poor marking which results in home chasing shadows.
JWP . what is he doing playing so deep AGAIN? Spent more time in the hole behind KWP? And around the centre backs . why? He should be playing his pin point passes to the attack not to the midfield or across the back line?

Ings . played deeper and deeper trying to get the ball, felt sorry for him

He knew after the wba game he had quite a few 'passengers' . sadly they let him down again and they let down us fans .
disgraceful and lazy performance with no heart.

1.) 19 Apr 2021
19 Apr 2021 13:33:14
Absolutely true. IMO, get rid of the players who don't contribute. Bertrand has gone through the motions this season, can't even take a throw in. get rid. Vestergaard, if Spuds want to pay £30m get shot, can't turn, loses his man in the box. no pace. we should have played fringe players against WBA, Tella, Salisu, they're the future. Leicester came with a game plan, 3 big defenders against Ings. we were never going to beat them in the air but kept playing high balls. we made Evans look like a world beater. we won't keep Ings and Ralph will go too.

2.) 20 Apr 2021
19 Apr 2021 23:07:52
St Yorkshire . what I find bizarre, bordering on surreal, is how was it so obvious to you, I and probably 1000s of others, that thumping the ball up to Ings while surrounded by much bigger players, wasn’t working?
Playing the ball into spaces Ings could run into would have been much more productive!
I’m starting to wonder if Ralph is concentrating on ‘what are these players doing’ rather than concentrate on tactical changes .
Although I am hearing Ralph spoke highly of the team effort, suggesting the players left everything on the pitch?
If he really thought that then you can add me to the list of people who have (sadly) accepted it’s the end for Ralph.
I’m not sure I’ve ever known a number of players who’s contribution to the game is so varied!
Redmond Djenepo Walcott Diallo . I’d never pick again.

3.) 20 Apr 2021
20 Apr 2021 15:56:39
Add Bertrand to that list.