09 Aug 2021 20:14:54
The elephant in the room is Ralph. As I said last season, an immensely likeable man but tactically, the jury is still out. Bizarre substitutions at times, giving youngsters all of 3 or 4 mins to make an impression and that's not to mention playing people out of position.

Success for Ralph, the team and fans will be survival, a decent cup run (let's not mention the Leicester semi-final) and a squad which gain in confidence and this time next year look for a mid table plus position.
But please, let's get a keeper - everyone's saying it.

1.) 10 Aug 2021
10 Aug 2021 16:34:55
I totally agree. Sometimes I feel he is a little out of his depth. Managing a club where he has NO support from his CEO or its owners must be soul destroying, so perhaps that's why he looks a little unsure.