02 Feb 2015 10:28:53
The recent quote in football " Couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo " was aimed at Fernando Torres who was just one player. I think it now applies to the whole of the Saints team in general more than ever, these players ( who are supposed to be top professionals ) are clueless at either finishing or even getting a shot on target. I think yesterday was the prime example of a team that has absolutely no end product and the opposition has sussed this because they can sit deep almost knowing we will not be an attacking threat in the box. Once again players like Tadic, Ward-Prowse, Davis etc. who are supposed to be great crossers of the ball were pathetic and couldn't even get the ball past the near post and if they did it was straight in to the arms of the keeper. You can have all the possession in the world playing it sideways and backwards but that is strangely saying to the opposition that we can't break you down. I rate Koeman but surely he can see that we need a top class finisher and if it costs a lot so be it. The amount of money we squandered on Osvaldo/Ramirez subsequently worked out badly but at least at that time we saw the need for someone who could score you goals. I really can't see why we are in advanced talks with two more midfielders ( as if we haven't got enough ) when it seems pretty obvious to me that an out and out goal poacher is what we really need. Someone pointed out quite rightly that we are more likely to pick up most of our remaining points away from home now until the end of the season because we will play like Swansea did yesterday and defend well and hit them on the counter attack. I just feel like last season under Pochettino we have no Plan B and as long as he keeps playing Tadic we will struggle, he is so lightweight along with JWP and that is a problem. Lastly I hope we can challenge the red card for Bertrand as at the time I thought it was a good strong challenge and all the slow motion coverage shown subsequently has not changed my mind. I think Michael Oliver will have looked at this again and maybe think he got it wrong but then again he is an absolute prat so probably not.

1.) 02 Feb 2015
02 Feb 2015 11:37:30
Agree with you on the need for a top striker / poacher. I like Pelle but think we need better. The trouble is that means spending £20m+ and I don't think we have the appetite for that.

2.) 02 Feb 2015
02 Feb 2015 15:14:09
I agree entirely so we will end up as the 'also rans' and forget about any real chance of being one of the real top teams. You can only be the best if you have a strong squad and we haven't even got an alternative striker to bring in for Pelle. We'll have a whole team of midfielders when the injuries are sorted though !