28 Aug 2017 08:57:13
Perhaps u can help eds. What is it the club hope to gain by keeping vvd? Surely he won't play for us anyway if we keep him and if he does I can't see it will be with any conviction on his part. I know he could go to a club that is not Liverpool, but given their stance even selling to anyone would make a mockery of thier current statements. How does either side come out saving face?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool and, in particular Klopp, are totally responsible for the damage that has been done and the situation Southampton and the player find themselves in. I cannot personally see a way back for the player or the club and would expect him to move on this week.}

1.) 28 Aug 2017
28 Aug 2017 11:06:04
Thanks ed. I agree he needs to move on now but just can't understand why club are sticking to the 'not going anywhere' story when they must know he needs to leave too. Surely it will make us look weak? Why not just be honest and say will be going? Does our current stance increase his value?

{Ed002's Note - No clubs think about other clubs "looking weak" just like they don't care about "statements of intent" or any such thing. This makes no difference to his value.}

2.) 28 Aug 2017
28 Aug 2017 17:05:56
Thanks for thoughts ed! Personally I just want the saga to end. It seems like it has dragged on and perhaps scuppered other transfer opportunity we might have had with the income.

3.) 28 Aug 2017
28 Aug 2017 19:27:53
World Cup next year, can't see him being picked if he hasn't played the entire season. He's on a very long contract, the club has all the power and it's nice to see them not being bullied into selling for once. I expect him to stay and apologise and play again.

4.) 28 Aug 2017
28 Aug 2017 19:45:16
Will fetch more in January.

5.) 28 Aug 2017
28 Aug 2017 21:11:26
Spoke to an ex saints player 2 weeks ago and he had spent the whole Friday at saints. Won't name him but I was on a flight to Guernsey he stated categorically that VVD was not for sale this window and would NOT be going to Liverpool- clearly money talks but that was the clubs stance and appears to remain so. Why would anyone sign for a manager who appears to think he is bigger than the players the way they have treated sakho and mignonette seems appalling and basically bullying in any other workplace. Also why would anyone want a player who has basically been on strike twice at two clubs comes across ok but appears to be a merchant banker.

6.) 29 Aug 2017
29 Aug 2017 09:58:21
Saints0001 I agree with you but also why would we want a player who has basically been on strike twice and appears to be a merchant banker.